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How to Strike a Balance Between Caregiving & Enabling

It’s important to strike a balance between doing practically everything for your loved one even when they can do at least some tasks on their own, and empowering them to do the things they can do. Here’s how to find a compromise that works for you and the older adult in your life.

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Giving Family Caregivers a Break

How can Home Care, Home Health, and Day Health help family caregivers avoid burnout by providing much needed breaks during the day? I've illustrated how the different services can be used in tandem using the following sample case study (written by Sue Alvey, whom I had the honor of co-presenting with at the Annual Avenidas Caregiving Conference a few years back):

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Caregiving Tips For Sundowning Syndrome

Many caregivers observe that their loved ones or caregiving clients become more agitated and more confused and disoriented in the late afternoon or early evening, corresponding with the sun going down. This phenomenon is common enough to have been given the name “Sundowning Syndrome”.

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Treating Caregivers Like Family

Caring Hands Caregivers is a family-owned and operated agency that takes great care of our clients, and our caregivers. We recognize that our caregivers are our heart and soul, so we treat them like family. In order to make sure our caregivers succeed at providing the best care possible, we provide on-boarding, and on-going communication and support.  

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