How can Home Care, Home Health, and Day Health help family caregivers avoid burnout by providing much needed breaks during the day? I’ve illustrated how the different services can be used in tandem using the following sample case study (written by Sue Alvey, whom I had the honor of co-presenting with at the Annual Avenidas Caregiving Conference a few years back):

“Mrs. J is 93-years-old, and lives in her own home.  Her daughter lives with her and works part-time.  Mrs. J has fallen twice at home.  After each fall, she has become a little more confused and needs more help getting around.

Mrs. J’s doctor recommended working with a home health agency to provide Physical and Occupational Therapy. The therapies will help strengthen her muscles and improve her balance.  However, the daughter realized that she cannot leave her mother at home alone while she works. She’s also having trouble navigating the logistics of helping her mother bathe.

A friend recommended that she call a home care agency to help with personal care.  The caregiver helps the daughter to keep an eye on Mrs. J. and keeps her safe at home.  The caregiver was able to watch her sessions with the physical therapist and now helps follow through on her exercises. The work on puzzles and go out for ice cream as a special treat.

The social worker at the Home Health agency suggested that the daughter consider a Senior day health Program for her mother.  There she could benefit from social interactions with her peers and mentally stimulating activities.  Nurses and physical therapists there would continue to monitor her health.  Physical and occupational therapists could take over after the Home Health Agency therapists have finished up.  She could benefit from both home care and Senior day health by alternating days when these services are provided.”

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