The holiday season is a time of joy, coming together with family and friends, and celebration. For our elder loved ones, however, it can be a time of loneliness and even isolation given their changing care needs. Here are just a couple of ideas about how you can make this holiday season bright for the senior in your life.

1)  Give the gift of companionship
If you live locally, make a visit your gift.  If your loved one can go out, take them on a short field trip.  If not, bring an old movie on DVD, and watch it together.

2)  Provide Audio Books
You can buy one of your loved one’s favorite books as an audio book to provide hours of entertainment. Or, you can provide comfort with the sound of your voice. Record yourself reading a book you know they’d enjoy, and send to them, in manageable increments.

3)  Help relive a memory
Frame a photo from an important milestone in your loved one’s life, and ask them to recall their story.  Even if you’ve already know the story, just listening will allow your loved one to feel the joy of the occasion all over again.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!