Covid 19 Response

Your safety is our top priority

We have better infection control for our clients and caregivers than ever before.

​During this challenging time, we’re continuing to develop new protocols, caregiver training, and technology–to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and other communicable disease​s and support the health of our clients and Care Professionals. That’s why we’ve developed Care Protect.

Care Protect

Our System for Client and Caregiver Safety

  • If a Care Pro reports flu-like symptoms, we immediately restaff their visits and notify the client’s family.
  • Before returning after an illness, a Care Pro must follow our new clearance process, in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • We updated our client consultations to ensure proper protections are in place before care begins.
  • Our trained support team is available 24/7 to handle any urgent client situations.
  • Before every visit, Care Pros are required to take their temperature and confirm that they have no fever or symptoms of illness.
  • Care Pros receive ongoing support, information, and reminders to verify they are following our protocols and universal infection control standards.
  • We’re ensuring that all Care Pros have supplies such as thermometers and paying for flu shots if they need one.
  • We’re providing masks for Care Pros to wear at every shift.
  • We’ve expanded our requirements for when masks and gloves must be worn—and documented them for clients and Care Pros.
  • Care Pros are trained by video on the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
CHC's Covid 19 Response


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