When your loved one has survived a stroke, they are working hard to adjust to their ‘new normal’. While they may be eager to get home from the hospital, some crucial adjustments need to be made to their home in order to keep them safe and mobile.

Preparations will vary depending on the severity of the stroke, and your loved one’s physical limitations.  Here are some things to consider as you get ready to bring your loved one home.

Start with a walk-through
Considering your loved ones mobility, and any assistance that they’ll need to get around. For example, if they are using a walker, you’ll want to measure the width of the walker, and move the furniture to allow for easier access.

Prevent falls
Make sure that any rugs or bath mats are slip proof. Install grab bars, particularly for getting in and out of the bathtub or shower. You may want to install a bath & shower seat, to allow them to bathe without strain.

Provide easy access
Place frequently used items within reach in the kitchen, bathroom, and nightstand. For example, you may need to re-shelve cups, glasses, plates, and basic pots and pans. Provide a reading lamp within reach on the nightstand, and move the clock closer to their bed.  If necessary, you may want to provide a commode for easier nighttime use.

At Caring Hands Caregivers, we have qualified staff to help your loved one adjust and care for your loved one in their home, post-stroke.  We can accompany you on the walk-through, make recommendations, and provide on-going guidance as needs change.  To get started, just send me an email at scott@chcgivers.com.