Depression among the elderly often goes untreated, as the symptoms are similar to the symptoms of aging. Anywhere from 14-20% of seniors exhibit some depressive symptoms. That percentage is significantly higher for seniors in long-term care facilities.

Some potential symptoms of depression in seniors include:

  • Social withdrawal–even when offered chances to socialize, depressed seniors will elect to not participate in activities.  Or, they can experience something called anhedonia, when they no longer enjoy activities that they used to love.
  • Trouble concentrating–inability to focus on the task at hand, or low motivation to take a task all the way to completion.
  • Neglecting personal care–decreased attention to basic grooming or oral hygiene, or not taking medication as prescribed.

If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from depression, they can get a thorough screening assessment free of charge for seniors covered by Medicare. Treatment that includes therapy, medication, or some combination has proven to be effective in many cases. However, keeping involved in social interactions is key to making any treatment work.

If your loved one in the San Francisco Bay Area is in need of some help planning and getting to social activities, we can help by providing hourly care.  Just send me an email, and we can schedule an in-home care assessment.