Most seniors want to remain in their home for as long as they can. As seniors’ age and their memories falter, being able to live in familiar surroundings becomes more and more comforting.

A recent California Supreme Court ruling is now making live-in home care unaffordable for all but the wealthiest among us.  At Caring Hands Caregivers, we pay and treat our caregivers well, as they are at the core of our care, and our business. However, the California Supreme Court nullified the federal sleep time deduction. With that ruling, we are now required to pay our live-in home care workers overtime rate when they are sleeping.

This ruling in Mendiola vs. CPS Security Solutions has significantly increased families’ costs, rendering home care unaffordable for manyWhen such a substantial payroll burden is being supported entirely by families’ dwindling savings, they often have no choice but to discontinue live-in care. The effects of that kind of change can be traumatic for the entire family, but especially for our senior clients. And if families can’t hire us to provide care for their loved ones, our caregivers will be underemployed or even unemployed.

You can help.

We urge you to contact your legislator, and urge them to work tirelessly to appeal this ruling. The burden of such a cost is at the expense of seniors and their families trying to do the right thing.

Thank you for taking action with us.