Aging In Place

Choosing a Caregiver Agency

There are more than 100 home care agencies in the Bay Area alone.  How do you navigate to find an agency you are comfortable with and that will provide the best care? To figure out the right fit for you or your loved one, there are certain questions that you should ask of any [...]

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5 Huge Benefits to Aging in Place

Today, aging in place is more doable than it has been and more adults are considering it a real possibility. But what if you are not sure if you want to stay at home? Our list of five benefits of aging in place will give you, not only reasons to age in place but detailed information on what these reasons mean and how they affect you in the real world.

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Tips for Dealing with Aging Parents’ Memories

As Linda Bernstein mentioned in her article, 8 Things Not to Say to Your Aging Parents, dealing with aging parents as their memory fades can prove frustrating. Despite our best efforts, we sometimes lose patience while listening to the same stories over and over, trying to track when conversations 'go rogue', and teaching the same skills repeatedly.  

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