There are over 5.2 million Americans that now suffer from Alzheimer’s. With this horrible disease, there are many researchers working hard to find solutions to address Alzheimer’s and put research into practice. While progress can never be quick enough for those afflicted, important discoveries have been made that will help diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s in the near future.

Some interesting research is focused on early detection of Alzheimer’s disease potential in the brain.  Using  PET Scans, researchers can identify if there is Beta-Amyloid present in the brain, a known component of the plaque found in brains of Alzheimer’s patients. These scans can identify people who could potentially develop Alzheimer’s,  but currently do not exhibit any symptoms.  Once identified, treatments are being tested to try and slow the progression of the disease.  Bending the curve of onset by 3-5 years would have a significant impact on the medical costs of the disease as well as the quality of life for those afflicted.

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